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Feedback from Fallelly Construction

Best measuring software I've ever used, fantastic product - Nick Boothroyd, Fallelly Construction

QuickScale Plus desktop edition for £29

Working from home and need to measure PDF and DWG drawings? We now have a 30 day licence for a QuickScale Plus desktop edition for £29.  This will download and work on any windows pc for 30 days.  

Printing PDF’s and not winning the contract

Do you send your drawings to a printer to have them printed to scale?  How much does that cost – and you might not win the contract? QuickScale is a simple Windows program for calculating areas and measurements on PDF and DWG drawings.  Scale the drawing by clicking on either end of a known measurement and type in the distance.  From then on, click on the points and corners of...

Take Off Software of Choice Award 2019

Building Update has awarded QuickScale the Measurement and Take Off Software of Choice Award 2019.  They said "QuickScale is the UK’S leading software specialist in taking measurements and areas off PDF drawings"

Upgrade your QuickScale to a higher edition

Upgrade your QuickScale to a higher edition.  Only pay the difference between the edition you have and the one your want – you don’t have to buy a new licence. Get features you don’t already have like printing the drawing, counting items, adding notes and text to the drawing, and many more.

Measurements not visible in QuickScale

If your measurements or the measurement lines are not showing in QuickScale, click on the view tab and ensure Show All is ticked, along with lines, areas etc

QuickScale now reads DWG drawings

QuickScale Standard and Plus will read a DWG drawing. Your dimensions and calculations are saved with the drawing as a new PDF.

New updates and improvements released

There is a QuickScale update available on our website. Standard and Plus customers can now open DWG drawings as well as PDF.   For Plus customers, categories has been simplified. To update, copy and paste your keycode into the update page on this website - for all customers - desktop and USB licences. To find your keycode, open QuickScale and click on the View tab, then click About. ...

DWG and DWF drawings

QuickScale Standard and Plus editions will soon support DWG and DWF drawings.  An update is due to be released shortly.

Feedback from Greig & Mills Ltd

Thank you for your help with my QuickScale, it really was great customer service - Vanessa Maskell, Greig & Mills Ltd

keycodes and errors within QuickScale

Please keep your QuickScale keycodes as you will need these for updates.  To update, copy and paste your keycode into the Update page on this website.  If you experience any problems or errors with QuickScale, DONT UNINSTALL THE PROGRAM because once the keycode has activated, it will not activate again.  Please do an update instead.

Feedback from Bets Spray Renders

I just wanted to say that QuickScale is an absolute lifesaver! We have saved so much time and money from using your software and we have only had it for a couple of weeks. Your aftercare service is no other than impeccable, you're both so helpful. Thank you for everything! Emiley Phillips, Bets Spray Renders Ltd

New Windows October 2018 Update

New Windows October 2018 Update.  QuickScale Issue. We have discovered a problem with the new Windows 1809 Update (released on 3rd October 2018) that causes QuickScale to hang. The problem manifests itself when you click the Open button on QuickScale.  You get an unhandled exception dialog with the message: "Visual Styles-related operation resulted in an error because visual styles are...

Promotional offer

4x QuickScale Plus USB licences for the price of 3.  £897.00 ex VAT.   Lifetime licences, USBs guaranteed for 10 years, updates and support free forever.

Feedback from Adrian West

Thank you so much for the program and your knowledgeable assistance with choosing the right product for my business.  I have used the trials, and very impressed with this program and it will be a great asset to my business.

Page extractor

Extract one page/drawing from a multi page PDF. If the PDF has multiple pages/drawings, open it in this utility and extract the page you need. This is not limited to QuickScale customers only.

Rotate a drawing in QuickScale

If you rotate a drawing in QuickScale and get an error, download this utility to rotate the page.  Save it to your Documents and open that copy in QuickScale.

.439 update

Please update your QuickScale to v2.5.4.439.  This will help annotation errors and juddering.  To find your keycode, open QuickScale, click on View then About. This is for both desktop and USB licences.

Price increase - first one in 8 years

On Monday 12 February 2018 we will have our first ever price increase for Standard and Plus licences. We have been trading for 8 years now and this will be our first increase.  All quotes and estimates will remain valid for 30 days after the price increase date, ie until 12 March 2018.

6 Tips for using QuickScale

In the Dimensions pane (the spreadsheet on the side of the drawing) click on m/m2 to toggle between metres or square metres. In the Dimensions pane, Elements column, type over the words Line, Path or Area to give the measurement a name. In the Dimensions pane, Details column, type instructions/notes which can be exported to an excel sheet with the dims. If you click on the incorrect place on the drawing,...

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