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keycodes and errors within QuickScale

Please keep your QuickScale keycodes as you will need these for updates.  To update, copy and paste your keycode into the Update page on this website.  If you experience any problems or errors with QuickScale, DONT UNINSTALL THE PROGRAM because once the keycode has activated, it will not activate again.  Please do an update instead.

New Windows October 2018 Update

New Windows October 2018 Update.  QuickScale Issue. We have discovered a problem with the new Windows 1809 Update (released on 3rd October 2018) that causes QuickScale to hang. The problem manifests itself when you click the Open button on QuickScale.  You get an unhandled exception dialog with the message: "Visual Styles-related operation resulted in an error because visual styles are...

.439 update

Please update your QuickScale to v2.5.4.439.  This will help annotation errors and juddering.  To find your keycode, open QuickScale, click on View then About. This is for both desktop and USB licences.

Price increase - first one in 8 years

On Monday 12 February 2018 we will have our first ever price increase for Standard and Plus licences. We have been trading for 8 years now and this will be our first increase.  All quotes and estimates will remain valid for 30 days after the price increase date, ie until 12 March 2018.

Support notes

Until we can complete the support page, please copy and paste this link into your internet. If you cant find what youre looking for, please email  Thank you    

Virus or trojans

QuickScale is NOT a virus/trojan. Running "anti-malware" programs (which includes anti-virus and anti-spyware software) is good practice and highly recommended (normally!).  There are, however, situations where anti-virus (AV) programs in particular can cause problems - and installing software is one of those situations. Some AV programs are known to "interfere" with QuickScale...

Proud to sponsor Harold Wood Running Clubs annual race again

We are proud to be sponsoring Harold Wood Running Clubs annual charity race again this year.  The 5 mile run on Sunday 1st October will start at 11am.  Come along and watch the race, and enjoy a drink afterwards in the clubhouse.  

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