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User Support

We can talk you through setting up a drawing and taking measurements. We will support you until your software is installed correctly and you know how to use it. After that we’re only a phone call or email away.

To contact us: / tel  0044 7366 029201 (we are based in the UK).

Technical Support

To help customer resolve technical issues with QuickScale (e.g. installation problems, crashes, "not working", etc.) our technical team can remotely access your computer and, normally, can resolve technical issues within a matter of minutes.  To achieve remote access we use a customised TeamViewer QuickSupport module which you can download directly from

When our support agent calls you, just click the above link, download the QuickSupport module and run it.  Then give the ID and password to our agent who will then remotely connect to your computer and attempt to resolve your issue.  If you have been remotely accessed by us in the past, you may find the QuickSupport module still in your "Downloads" folder - just look for TeamViewerQS.exe in the folder and, if you find it, double-click the file to run the module.

Please note: Some companies will not permit remote access so please check with your IT department if you're not sure.

DO NOT UNINSTALL QuickScale unless we ask you to.  Once the keycode has activated it will not activate a second time and there is a charge to reset the keycode.  If you get an error, do an update by clicking on the Update page on this website.

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I have tried almost every PDF take off software on the market and Quickscale is by far the simplest and easy to use out there -
Andrew Brennan, Brennan Building & Civil Engineering Ltd

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