About QuickScale

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what is quickscale

QuickScale is the easy, simple and accurate way to take measurements from 2D drawings (PDF, DWG or photos) on your PC.  Take off software.

what does it do?

  • QuickScale can take line, path and area measurements from a 2D drawing in PDF or other image format without printing the drawing. Measure drawings, scanned documents, photos, maps, etc. saved as PDF, DWG or other image format. It can measure in metres, millimetres, feet, inches, miles, kilometres and microns.
  • You can export the measurements to a spreadsheet to complete your estimates.
  • You can print the whole drawing, or any part of it, to scale on A4, A3, A1 or A0 printers - even if the original drawing was on A0 paper and even if the drawing has no scale.
  • No need for expensive CAD software, plotters or large format printers.

How will i benefit

By not having to take endless measurements on site. As long as you know either (a) the scale of the drawing or (b) at least one reference measurement, QuickScale will calculate all the other measurements or areas you'll need.

By not having to send your drawings to a printer. Just open the PDF or image drawing in QuickScale and start measuring straight away.

By not having to spend hours with paper drawings and a scale rule. With QuickScale you'll produce quotations faster and more accurately - no more "guesstimating".

Reasonably priced. QuickScale is competitively priced - a one-off payment - no annual renewals.

Simple to use. QuickScale is designed to be simple. A fast, simple take off system in a fast moving complex industry. Suitable for computer dinousaurs and those who are more computer literate.

No annual renewals or charges and no contracts.

In summary:

  • Save printing, petrol, congestion and toll costs
  • Save on storage space needed for printed drawings
  • Save time and money
  • One off payment for QuickScale

what do i need to get started

A computer running either Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10.

A copy of QuickScale. click here to register for a free, fully functional, trial version of QuickScale so you can see for yourself how quick and easy take-off can be. Alternatively, click here to buy QuickScale.

Working from home and need to measure PDF and DWG drawings? QuickScale now have a 30 day licence for a QuickScale Plus desktop edition for £29.  This will download and work on any windows pc for 30 days.

Please be aware that, currently, QuickScale does not support computers with 4K (or higher) monitors.

I have tried almost every PDF take off software on the market and Quickscale is by far the simplest and easy to use out there -
Andrew Brennan, Brennan Building & Civil Engineering Ltd

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